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Park and Area Information

Watersedge Improvement Projects Over the Years
  • Seawall added

  • Streetlights installed

  • Rip rap placed in sound for seawall protection, marsh rebuilding and erosion mitigation

  • Roads reconstructed and paved, including pervious roadway installation and flood mitigation

  • CAMA approval to add over 11,000 square feet of impervious coverage

  • Post-major storm infrastructure repairs and improvements

  • Trees maintained and diseased/dead trees removed

  • Boat ramp extended

  • Overhead electric lines replaced with underground on Hunter Circle and Lu Lane

  • Crosswalk added on Highway 58

  • Major water shut-off water valves replaced and area specific water shut-off valves installed

  • Trees planted along Highway 58 and beside Flip Flops

  • Granite rock and oyster catcher-based sills installed in sound for rebuilding marsh and seagrass

Watersedge Amenities
  • Public pier

  • Boat ramp

  • Picnic shelter

  • Picnic area and sound access at west end

Annual lease covers expenses for maintenance and landscaping of common areas, water, streetlights, necessary tree trimming, pavement maintenance, septic tank and water maintenance beyond the line leading to the mobile home, as well as maintenance and repairs to the seawall, public pier, picnic shelter, picnic area, and boat ramp.

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Bogue Inlet Pier a family owned operation since 1971.

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