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Park Guidelines

The following guidelines are provided to educate and assist residents in making Watersedge a better place to live. They apply to residents and guests. Questions or comments may be addressed to any member of the Watersedge Board of Managers.

Property Maintenance and Improvement
  • Residents should do their part to maintain their mobile home and yard so that Watersedge is a place to be proud to live and one in which property values increase.

  • Residents are responsible for maintaining the premises and must perform maintenance to correct deficiencies, such as overgrown lawns, broken tie downs, deteriorated buildings and neglected maintenance. Failure to do so after being notified of a problem may result in repairs being performed by the park and the resident being billed.

  • Prior to beginning work, residents are responsible for acquiring approvals from the Architectural Committee if they replace their mobile home or make additions, replacements, or modifications to their property. Architectural requests should be submitted at least 90 days prior to the proposed start date of the project. This allows the committee time to review the proposal and make a site visit.

  • Prior to beginning work, residents are responsible for acquiring approvals from the Pervious Allocation Committee if they are expanding or adding a structure with a cover or roof that prevents water from penetrating underneath, as well as any other item that prevents water from penetrating the ground (such as stepping stones not meeting Park criteria).

  • Any work started in the park without proper approval from the Architectural or Pervious Allocation Committees will be subject to a $100 fine and may result in a return to original condition.

  • Building and other permits must be obtained from the appropriate agency (or agencies).

  • If air conditioning units are installed or replaced, a permit is required from the Town of Emerald Isle. Violations may result in electricity being shut off until permits are acquired and the work passes inspection.

  • If residents have water standing on their lot next to the road, they can add sand but not topsoil to resolve water issues.

  • If there is damage to park property other than that caused by a storm, notify a board member prior to starting any work so that a determination may be made regarding who is responsible for ordering and paying for repairs.

  • If residents have problems with their septic tank, especially signs of a back-up, contact a member of the Maintenance Committee (Everette Denning, 919-818-1203; Ted Keith, 919-427-5204; Dave Brown, 434-401-3934; Hank Bell, 704-957-0652; John Daniels, 919-495-0697; Mike Webb, 252-236-8282); or Bob Bruening, 231-645-7508).

  • If Carteret Craven Electric Cooperative contacts residents about their electric meter, contact a member of the Maintenance Committee (listed above).

  • When planning to add or expand a mobile home, pier, or dock, residents must be considerate of their neighbor’s space and potential needs.

  • Water use is one of the park’s largest expenses; conserving use is necessary to control costs.

  • Above-ground irrigation systems are allowed; irrigation systems with any portion of the installation underground are not permitted.

  • Grass watering should be done in the early morning.

  • Sprinklers should not be used mid-day or overnight.

  • Underground irrigation systems are not permitted.

  • Automatic irrigation systems that are used on a routine basis should be turned off on Saturday and Sunday.

  • All irrigation systems are to be shut off between November 1 and April 1.

  • Residents leaving the park for more than 24 hours should turn off the main water valve upon leaving.

  • Residents should not turn off water at another mobile home unless they observe a problem, in which case they should notify the owner immediately.

  • Residents must install back flow preventers on all pier water faucet hose connections.

  • During freezing weather, residents should take all necessary action to insulate water lines and to drain water lines when leaving to prevent broken pipes that may be caused by freezing.

  • If residents have water standing on their lot next to the road, they can add sand but not topsoil to resolve water issues.

  • Residents and guests must obtain the permission of the owner before parking vehicles of any type in a neighbor’s yard.

  • Vehicles should not be parked on top of a septic tank.

  • The Town of Emerald Isle has requested that no one park on the roads, as they must remain accessible for emergency vehicles.

  • All mobile homes should have the street number prominently displayed and visible from the road for emergency responders to locate the correct address.

  • Signs of a commercial nature or of contractors doing work in the park are not allowed.

  • For sale signs may be posted in mobile home windows only, not on the ground.

  • Residents and guests should understand the importance of safety and courtesy on park roads, whether driving or walking.

  • When children are playing on park roads, drivers are reminded to exercise extreme caution.

  • To keep park roads in good condition, debris on the roads should be removed.

  • Grass clippings should not be left on the road but should be raked or blown back into the yard or removed.

  • If residents hire someone to mow their yard, they should inform the contractor of the need to keep debris off the road.

  • Drivers of motorized carts must have a valid driver’s license (except for a handicapped person with a DMV Certification Sticker). Carts must have liability insurance and be driven only on paved Watersedge roads, and not in yards. Lights must be used after dark.

Common Areas
  • Use of the boat ramp, pier, picnic shelter and sound waterfront area between 352 and 354 Watersedge Drive is for park residents only.

  • Residents may reserve the picnic shelter for gatherings by making a request through the Contact page on the park website,

Public Pier
  • Boats, jet skis and other flotation devices can be tied to the pier for loading and unloading but must not be left for an extended time or overnight. They may be anchored in the sound overnight.

  • No permanent anchors for watercraft are allowed. 

  • Bikes, scooters, or skateboards may not be used on the pier.

  • The water connection on the pier is for cleaning fish or rinsing off, but not for play. After using the sink at the end of the public pier, residents should turn off the water, properly dispose of all trash, and remove debris, including any scales, cans, and fishing line.

  • Crab pots should not be placed near the side or corner of the public pier steps, as children go down the ladder and play in that area. If crab pots are used, remember to remove the crabs from the pot!

  • Be a good neighbor—pick up your pet’s waste and dispose of it properly. Ensure all family members and guests understand this.

  • Dogs must always be kept on a leash.

  • Dogs may not be tied on resident’s property where they are able to run to the end of a restraint and frighten others.

  • Dogs must be kept inside if they bark constantly or create a nuisance.

Hurricane Season
  • Hurricane season is from June 1 through November 30. Residents should secure objects that might become airborne and incur or cause damage during a storm.

  • Emerald Isle is closed to the public immediately after a storm if public evacuation is ordered. Disaster re-entry permits are required if the Town of Emerald Isle has re-opened the bridge to residents and property owners only. Permits can be obtained online. There is a $25 fee for each permit. Permits may not be issued within 24 hours of a hurricane projected landfall. See for additional information.

Consideration of Others
  • Quiet hours – The park observes quiet hours from 11 pm to 7 am, in accordance with Town of Emerald Isle ordinances. During this time, residents and guests shall not make noise that annoys or disturbs the quiet comfort of park residents and guests. This includes noise made by people, music, animals, and vehicles.

  • Children on bikes -- Children on bikes should be respectful of adults who may be walking on park roads. Bicycles are not to be ridden on a neighbor’s yard without the permission of that owner.

  • Children’s behavior – Parents should ensure that children are behaving responsibly and not running through other people’s yards, climbing on their decks, blocking traffic, or creating disturbances at late or early hours.

  • Fireworks – Any objects that explode or leave the ground are illegal and are not to be used in the park. Residents are advised to call the police about violations.

  • Security cameras – Cameras should be aimed only onto the property of the camera owner and not onto neighbors’ property.

  • Charcoal and ashes – Charcoal and ashes should not be deposited on the ground, as they could rekindle and cause a fire.

Professional Services
  • Contact a board of managers member for advice about any business affairs of the park.

  • A non-board member who contacts the park’s attorney or CPA directly will be billed directly at the standard rate charged by that company.

Sale of Mobile Home or Ownership
  • For sale signs may be posted in mobile home windows only, not on the ground.

  • Mobile homeowners must receive approval of a sale prior to completion of the transaction. The purchaser must file an Application for Lease, pay a transfer fee, and receive approval prior to the sale.

  • The seller must inform the purchaser of any pending repairs required by Watersedge and the status of any pending or approved requests the seller has submitted to the Pervious Allocation or Architectural Committee.

  • Owners who wish to publicize their mobile home or Watersedge Holdings, LLC ownership units (shares) are for sale may contact Susie Oliver at or 919-271-2210.


Download your copy of Watersedge Park Guidelines

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